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what kind of bird are you?

Jonny Bae Trousseau

t: +1 415 214 1162

higher learning:

Portland College–Sylvania

Computer Aided Design
Portland, Oregon

Art Institute of San Francisco

Didn’t really go, but an ex-lover did, and I learned a lot from her.
San Francisco, California


San Bruno, California

a school i got accepted too but was too fucking expensive:

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

programs i know how to fucking use:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Flash (until steve jobs said nope.)

a few skills:







things i’ve done:

Electronic Arts (Adverts)

Myspace (Adverts)

Fringe Class (Album Artwork, Website)

Ashtray Records (Old School Social Media Stuff)



Luc Devroye


art shows:

Spoke Art

San Francisco, California

Sol Collective

Sacramento, California


Sacramento, California

Upper Playground

Sacramento, California

Shiny Nickel

Sacramento, California


Chicago, Illinois

Dream Box Gallery

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Diner

Chicago, Illinois

weird but true stories, facts, and random stuff:

During a dinner party I was speaking with John Malkovich (Con Air, Being John Malkovich) and he suggested I go by the artist known as Sanchez-Sanchez. Why? Well because my birth name is Jonny Sanchez, and also because he is a fucking genius, so I do answer to Sanchez-Sanchez as well as Jonny Trousseau, but never just Sanchez, only a certain few indivduals have earned that right and they know who they are. Also you might be wondering how I ended up at a dinner party with the Malkovich’s, his daughter is a friend, deal with it. 

So why Trousseau, the story varies person to person, I honestly just tell a different story randomly depending on  who it is. Some people think it’s my mom’s madien name (which I couldn’t even tell you what that actually it is, becuase I don’t have a mom, I mean she exist, but I don’t know her, I like to think she’s an author and writes romance novels, and most likely is Florida trash, no offense to Florida trash folk.) The true story is Trousseau was chosen out of a French book, when my first love Autumn opened to a page and there it was, waiting for me to go to the court house and pay to legally change it, it cost around two-hundred dollars if you were ever curious. I am a bit French so whatever, it works. 

Bae is my new middle name it was given to me by someone whom started out as a swipe right for the like, but I ended up admiring her greatly as she was and is a very talented desinger and she helped spark a lot of my creativity. Anyways, the story goes we planned to meet at Couch Park (pronounced cooch, for some fucking reason) in Northwest Portland, Oregon on a Sunday for day beers & blunts (homegirl rolled the best blunts) but about an hour before the date I decided to take a tab of L$D! Why? Eh, well because it’s just what I do, and I was going through a phase and had an abudance at the time, yadda, yadda, yadda, honestly it was one of the best dates I ever had, she didn’t even know I was tripping, months go by, we stayed close, and one day she says something like “You should go by Jonny Bae Trousseau, cause like bae, you know, and you’re from like the Bay Area. So, there you have it, if you’re curious what happened to lovely southern peach, well she was a Scorpio and I just don’t fuck with Scorpio’s, joking, not joking. 

Videography is my new everything at the moment, learning as I go along, completey immersed with it, no plans on stopping as I travel down the rabbit hole, much like my favorite Disney character Alice. 

I once met Kanye West (pre Kim K., post Graduation) at a P.F. Changs in Sacramento, California, he was very nice, and said he liked my tattoos. 

It’s my dream to meet Anna Wintour and do a shoot for Vogue, probably won’t ever happen though. 

I’m hella into high fashion, but I don’t wear it, I got a more of Kurt Cobain grunge meets an androgynous dandy kinda vibe, with a personality of both southern charm and a bit of hood life. 

you shouldn't forget the importance of entertainment.